Affordable, Quality Orthodontic Services

Braces, Retainers, Teeth Straightening, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign

SmileLife believes that all families, regardless of their economic circumstances, deserve access to affordable, quality orthodontic services and care. Over the years, we have developed a practice model that is unique in the industry, using the latest, state-of-the-art technology and greater specialization among our support team members to deliver quality orthodontic care more efficiently.

Orthodontists Focused on Patient Care

We begin by maximizing the value that our orthodontists bring to patients whether it be Braces, teeth straightening or teeth whitening. Orthodontists are highly-educated specialists who have made considerable investments of time and money in their training. Yet in many practices, orthodontists spend a good deal of time on administrative work and repetitive treatment tasks that don’t make efficient use of their expertise. At SmileLife, our orthodontists focus solely on patient care, including diagnosis, treatment planning, supervision of treatment, and patient education.

Specialized Orthodontic Support Team

Our highly trained support team helps make affordable, quality care possible. Team members include orthodontic assistants, x-ray technicians, dental photographers, fabrication specialists, and sterilization technicians, as well as professionally managed administrative personnel. Team members specialize in one area of responsibility and become experts at it, as opposed to a traditional model, in which employees have many roles.

Using the Latest Orthodontic Technology

At SmileLife, we increase efficiency and quality-of-care by continually investing in evolving technologies, such as digital 3D oral scans, high-definition, low-radiation digital x-rays, electronic patient records, and automated patient reminders. Advanced technology and the expertise to use it also allow us to keep lab and fabrication services in-house, saving you money and decreasing wait times.

Leveraging Resources

SmileLife has locations in El Paso, Las Cruces, and Corpus Christi that all employ the same standardized method of orthodontic treatment. These proven treatment protocols have been perfected over the past three decades. When combined with the purchasing power of a larger organization, these protocols enable greater efficiency, excellent quality, and significant savings—setting us apart from many other practices. Administrative and technical resources are centralized to promote further cost savings, giving each of our offices access to the resources of a much larger organization.

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