How much will Orthodontic work or braces cost?

Your first visit with SmileLife Orthodontics is complementary and will consist of Ceph with panoramic x-rays, a 3D oral scan, and photographs.  (Las Cruces, El Paso and Corpus Christi offices included)

After reviewing the results of the initial xrays and photos, our highly trained and skilled orthodontist, assisted by our treatment coordinator, will explain your dental malocclusion then collaborate as an orthodontics “team” to determine the best treatment plan and options for your specific situation then review it in full detail with you.  Our treatment coordinator will also review your insurance benefits and present you with an estimate of costs.

SmileLife Braces are affordable

Save money Tag to save on BracesAlthough every orthodontics case is different, we’re proud of our ability to provide affordable, high-quality care to all our patients and we offer financing almost anyone can afford with payment plans as low as $77 a month! 

Guaranteed 100% financing approval for everyone.

How much do Braces Cost?

Our basic treatment cost for braces starts at $3,800
Depending on your insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses may be even less.  Our basic braces treatment cost does not include tax or *special appliances.  There may be additional charges in cases requiring surgery or involving other **special circumstances.

SmileLife Orthodontics understand the cost of orthodontic treatment is an important and necessary investment for many people. To help make Orthodontics and Braces financially available to everyone who walks in our door.  SmileLife Braces offers different payment options that are flexible, and affordable.  The majority of our patients, just like you are taking advantage of this great financing flexibility everyday!

At SmileLife everyone is guaranteed 100% approval for financing

Although it’s common practice among some providers to require at least partial prepayment for orthodontic treatment, we understand that this creates a financial burden for many families. Most of our patients select a low initial down payment at the beginning of treatment but we actually have many financing options available.
We will help you design a payment plan that fits your personal lifestyle and financial ability.

We offer affordable financing with payment plans as low as $77 a month, and we guarantee 100% financing approval for everyone.

Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment will not replace the need for checkups, cleanings, and other procedures with your regular dentist, so you will need to plan for those expenses, as well.

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