Smile Life Orthodontics, Braces & In-House Technology

Staying current with rapidly changing medical, orthodontic and braces technology is one of the challenges all healthcare providers face. At all our SmileLife locations,  (Las Cruces, El Paso and Corpus Christi) our practices and group resources allow us to invest in and maintain up-to-date technology in-house—investments that can be very expensive for practices that outsource.  This helps to pass savings on to you and always use modern state of the art equipment.

Utilizing advances in technology has three benefits:

1. More Effective treatment
2. More Efficient treatment
3. Greater convenience for our patients.

Maintaining the newest orthodontic technology in-house in Las Cruces, El Paso and Corpus Christi helps us lower costs and reduce your wait times.

Electronic Medical Records means fast and efficient orthodontic services

Digital records allow your medical information to be instantly accessed and updated from any station in the office network, which improves efficiency. It also makes checking-in for orthodontic work, braces, invisalign braces  faster and easier for you. Our systems store all your initial “before” photographs, as well as digital x-rays taken during treatment, allowing us to quickly track your progress.

Digital 3D Oral Scans: High tech orthodontic solution for absolute precision

Commonly, during the first or second appointment, patients are asked to place two trays of wet plaster in their mouth for several minutes until the plaster hardens, in order to create a mold of their teeth and gums. This occasionally results in gagging and a generally unpleasant experience, and the mold is easily spoiled by air bubbles or movement, requiring patients to undergo the process again.
To avoid this, we’ve equipped each of our offices with the latest digital 3D oral scanners, which use lasers and cameras to scan the mouth and create a very precise 3D model of your teeth and gums.  This 3D model may then be instantly reviewed by your orthodontist to confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan.  Unlike a plaster mold, this digital information stays with your electronic patient record for easy, future reference when services are needed such as braces, teeth straightening or even teeth whitening.
 SunOffice-3dScanPictured ABOVE:  A SmileLife orthodontics patient about to have a digital 3-D oral scan.

Low-Radiation, Panoramic and Cephalometric Digital X-Rays

These types of orthodontic x-rays offer us a more comprehensive look at your mouth, jaw, and skull and can alert us to conditions that might otherwise go undetected when using dental x-rays that focus only on the teeth. Having this capability in-house eliminates guess work for our orthodontists, resulting in a positive treatment outcome for you. Also, by keeping this equipment in-house, we can use it to monitor and track your progress throughout treatment.
Our advanced Panoramic and Cephalometric Digital X-Ray machines place you in the ideal position and automatically adjust to your individual anatomy, ensuring a better, more consistent result.
This high tech orthodontics solution makes oral treatment more efficient and limits your exposure to radiation from retaking x-rays. Your x-rays are analyzed by a SmileLife orthodontist and then instantly linked with your patient record. This means less waiting for you.

Temporary Anchor Devices (TADs)

TADs are affixed to bone tissue and help facilitate difficult tooth movement. Using TADs, your SmileLife orthodontist can treat a much wider range of cases more effectively, often resulting in decreased treatment time. Unfortunately, many dentists and orthodontists still have to send patients elsewhere for this procedure. At SmileLife, we’ve made the investment in the technology and training to bring this important and effective advance in orthodontics in-house. This means fewer visits and less expensive treatments for patients, and gives our orthodontists greater control over the quality of your care.

Specialized sterilization areas and technicians ensure ultra-clean environments for all orthodontic treatments

We use specially designed sterilization areas, along with personnel trained in their use, to provide state-of-the-art safeguards against instrument-borne infection. Having a specialized area, team, and equipment dedicated to sterilization helps ensure that your treatment is safe.

Lab Services and appliance manufacturing in house saves you time and money

Maintaining lab services in-house helps save you time and money. Whereas many orthodontic practices send out dental models, retainers, braces, invisalign braces and appliances for fabrication, we maintain these services in-house at each of our locations. In-house fabrication allows your SmileLife orthodontist to take a mold, have your appliance manufactured and fit to you, often all in the same visit. Working directly with lab technicians allows your orthodontist to provide you with the best possible fit and function.

If adjustments need to be made to retainers, braces or other appliance after an initial fitting, they can be made on the spot. This avoids a common problem: the tremendous time and expense associated with mailing an appliance back to the lab for adjustment, explaining the adjustments that need to be made, and then waiting for the appliance to be mailed back to the orthodontist.

With in-house lab services, this process of retainer or braces manufacture is reduced to minutes, instructions can be relayed in-person, and the process can be reiterated, if need be, until the ideal fit is achieved. Not only does this save you time and money, you get solid, well fitting Braces, invisialign braces, retainers or a basic appliance that works and feels great!.

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