Smiles are Priceless

Our committed local orthodontists at SmileLife want to help your student find their most confident smile.

Do you know a student who:

  • is being teased or bullied as a result of his or her teeth?
  • avoids smiling or covers his or her mouth when talking?
  • is judged by others due to the aesthetics of his or her teeth?
  • has a financial need making braces a hardship?

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32 million students are victims of bullying each school year in the United States. 

School bullying

Sadly, bullying from one child to another has become an enormous issue within schools throughout the United States. Being bulled once, can have long-term effects on a child’s confidence, their ability to focus in the classroom, and increase thoughts of suicide.

Nearly 30% of students aged 12-18 experience bullying in some form. Department of Education statistics show nearly one of ten who are victims of school bullying drop out. Furthermore, nearly 160,000 students a day skip school due to confidence issues that can be associated with bullying.

Lastly, 88% of teens report they are insecure about their appearance with primary concerns being 1) body shape/weight, 2) skin type, and 3) their teeth/smile. SmileLife Braces is committed to helping where able, and we’re ecstatic you’re here.

How SmileLife can help.

Tooth Bonding - Rockford Cosmetic Dentist - Maintain Your Smile

We’re committed to our Corpus Christi students!

Our staff is a committed to help your student increase their confidence. As the premier orthodontic practice in our community, SmileLife wants to give students the opportunity to become more confident in their smiles.

Increased self-confidence can lead to a higher rate of success in school, opportunities to become involved in sports/band/extracurriculars, and more. We’re proud to introduce our pro bono, in-need student program.

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