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Do Braces Hurt?

No need to be anxious. We’ll break down what you can expect after placement and what is common during treatment.

Why are retainers important to orthodontic treatment?

Retainers are often considered the most important part of successful orthodontic treatment. All the effort you placed into your treatment, retainers are responsible for keeping your teeth in position after your braces have been removed.

Retainers are small and transparent, which is great for showing off your new smile – but they also are easy to misplace.

Below you’ll learn about why you need to wear your retainer after braces, but also what steps to take if you happen to lose this very important appliance.

The important role retainers play in orthodontics

After wearing braces throughout treatment for traditional braces or Invisalign, you’re ready to enter the final phase of your treatment – retention.

So do you really need to wear a retainer? The answer is yes. Retainers are these big, massive appliances but it doesn’t make them any less important. Teeth will naturally try to shift back after braces are taken off. Just like athletes, teeth have “muscle memory.” Your retainer prevents the shift from happening and keeps you loving your new smile!

Life happens, and on occasion a patient has lost their retainer. If you’ve looked everywhere (and under everything) and still can’t find your retainer – contact us right away to replace it. During a quick assessment, we’ll make sure none of your teeth began shifting and either take a mold of your teeth or order a copy of your old retainer.

We highly recommend keeping your retainer in the same place each day/night. We encourage you to pick a central spot away from pets and kids, as they can be broken or damaged easily.

Sometimes damage may occur to your retainer. If you experience any issues with your retainer – big or small – do not wear them and contact our office. We’ll give you a quick assessment and either take a new mold of your teeth or order you a copy of your retainer.

Don’t be this patient. If you’ve broken or lost your retainer, don’t let a significant amount of time lapse before you contact us. Whatever the reason, we’ll get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

Patients that wait, may need further orthodontic treatment to re-align your teeth.