In the event that something on your braces becomes loose or dislodged, it’s likely not a major orthodontic emergency, but please call your SmileLife Orthodontics office. Call our office ASAP, during normal business hours, to explain the situation, and let us determine the best course of action for you.

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Sore Teeth

Teeth often become sore after an orthodontist visit. You can take acetaminophen or other over-the-counter non-aspirin pain relievers while your mouth adjusts. For persistent pain, consider using a heating pad, warm cloth or salt water rinse. This may help alleviate the soreness on your teeth and gums, and reduce swelling.

Wire Irritation

Sometimes wires can cause irritation on your gums. Try gently moving the wire away from the painful area with a small dab of wax to protect gum from the wire. If the pain persists, you might try cutting the wire with nail clippers or scissors that have been thoroughly cleansed and washed in alcohol.

Loose Bracket

If a wire or a bracket on your braces comes loose or out of place, please call our office immediately to schedule an appointment or for future instructions. If you need to cut the wire or slide the bracket off, use fingernail clippers that have been thoroughly sterilized.

Lost Separator

This can be a common problem during orthodontic care. Please call our office for future instructions.