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Do Braces Hurt?

No need to be anxious. We’ll break down what you can expect after placement and what is common during treatment.

Do braces hurt to get put on?

Everyone can have anxiety about something new, and at SmileLife Orthodontics, we understand getting braces can be one of those events. But braces really don’t hurt at all when they’re applied to your teeth.

In most cases, there might be some mild soreness or discomfort just until your jaw and teeth get used to your new braces.

Below we’ll provide you a quick guide to what you can expect when getting braces and when you might expect a small adjustment period.

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What to expect when getting braces

You won’t feel any pain while we’re placing your new braces. It might take you a little longer to eat and brush your teeth as you’re adjusting to your new normal, but within a few days – you’ll be in your new routine.

Your mouth may be a little sore, but normal over-the-counter medicine will help you with any discomfort. This is also the time when you should be learning what food to avoid so your braces won’t be damaged.

The first several days after placement may be slightly uncomfortable but never painful. You teeth are beginning the realignment process and still haven’t gotten used to the pressure the arch wire is placing on your teeth or the elastic bands. We’ll provide you wax at your appointment to apply over the braces if you have any irritation on your cheeks or lips.

At this point, any discomfort you experienced should be gone. If you’re experiencing any issues you’d like to talk with us about, we’re always here to help throughout your journey with us.

Regularly scheduled adjustments occur throughout your treatment. Sometimes, depending on the amount of an adjustment – you may have a day or two of discomfort. But just like when you had your braces placed, this will quickly fade. Over-the-counter medication like Motrin or Advil can be taken after adjustments to relieve any soreness.